"Lily is a capable, and reliable translator. We have worked with Lily for a 3-hour English Portuguese translation. Lily is very responsive in confirming the availability, and she arrived at the meeting site 1 hour beforehand. She did a great job in translating, even on relatively specific, and technical topics such as agriculture and digitalization. We had a good experience working with Lily and she is highly recommended."

- Xinqing LU – Associate Program Officer, China-Africa Agriculture Cooperation Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

“The ABS Capacity Development Initiative, implemented by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, has relied on the translating services of Ms Lily Chauque several times. We recommend her for the exceptional quality of work as translator of written English to Portuguese. She is very professional, prompt and always delivers work on time. If you are looking for a reliable translator we can definitely recommend her.”

- Andreas Drews – Head of Project

“WaterAid Mozambique has had the opportunity to work with Ms Lily Chauque many times, both on her capacity as interpreter as well as translator. We highly recommend her for the exceptional quality of work as translator of written Portuguese to English and vice versa. With her great command of spoken English, she also demonstrated abilities to provide interpretation. She is prompt and always delivers work on time. If you are looking for an intrinsically motivated translator Ms. Lily Chauque is someone well worth for consideration.”

- Florêncio Marerua

“Lily Esperança Chaúque worked for me and other British diplomats at the then British Embassy in Maputo during my posting from 1986 to 1988. She was very well regarded as an efficient and effective colleague and was an invaluable translator and interpreter at key moments during discussions between the UK and Mozambican Governments. She was of particular help identifying key political and economic events each year to inform and contribute to the annual assessment of the progress of Mozambique in meeting its objectives”

- John Aslen

“Lily Chaúque provided translation services for my team during an evaluation in Maputo. She was very professional and responsive throughout, and it was a pleasure to work with her.”

- Robert Francis

“It was a great pleasure working with Lily. Her professionalism is something lacking a lot in many industries. All went well and gave our colleague the confidence to participate in the discussions.”

- Mary Mlambo

“This is to certify that Ms. Lily Chauque has provided interpreter and translation services to WaterAid in Mozambique, from the year 2016 to March 2018, having provided a worth quality work. Mrs. Chauque has a strong command of Portuguese and English, and excellent simultaneous translation skills in occasions of seminars, trainings and reflections, both from Portuguese to English and vice versa. One particularity of Mrs. Lily is her ability to meet deadlines for work agreements while maintaining quality of the outcome. In addition, she is always available to collaborate outside normal business hours when requested. ”

- Richard Mwanza

“I had the best outcome from working with Lily and the help she provided did make work easy for my non English speaking colleague. I am happy to refer and work with Lily in the future.”

- Abel Motokolo